Die Online-Redaktion hat ein Interview mit unserem amerikanischen Austauschschüler Caden geführt. Er ist mit dem Rotary Programm bei uns und besucht die 10b.  Wir sagen herzlich willkommen am Gymnasium Brake Caden und wünschen dir eine tolle Zeit bei uns!

Ein Interview von Merjem und Laureen.

Online-Redaktion: Hello Caden! Where are you from exactly?

Caden: I live in Minnesota, in Minneapolis to be exact.

Online-Redaktion:What were your first thoughts when you came here: things like school, the people and Germany in general?

Caden: It’s actually a lot smaller than in America and there are a lot fewer things of everything here for example fast food restaurants. There are many old houses and a lot of animals.The people are kinda reserved but really nice. The school system is really different than in Germany.We have school till 3pm and eight different subjects per day in my school. We also have different classes for every subject which means if you’re good at maths for example you’ll be in an advanced course for maths. Our lunch break is one hour long. Moreover, most students come to school in their cars. You could think of my school with 3.000.000 students in it like an average American high school movie without all of the singing.

Online-Redaktion:Which school system do like more – the one in Germany or in America?

Caden:I have to say the American school system because if you’re good at something you can concentrate on that subject and if you’re bad in a subject you could still pass your tests and get a good degree.

Online Redaktion: Do you miss your home country and what about it do you miss?

Caden: I do actually do miss America like the food and the school system.

Online-Redaktion: Now apart from school, what else do you like doing? What are your hobbies?

Caden:Sure I like to play soccer and I am interested in science.  I also like travelling and learning about different cultures.

Online Redaktion: Thank you for your time Caden. And welcome to our school! We hope you have a great time here. See you around!

Caden: You’re welcome. Bye!

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